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Can Acupuncture Really Help People Lose Weight?

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Is Using Acupuncture For Weight Loss A Realistic Option?

Many people battle obesity and struggle to lose excess weight that has seemingly “snuck in” over time. In many cases excess weight is gained over a number of years, a little at a time, so that it doesn’t set off alarms until it reaches a certain point.

At that point…the battle begins. Diets, miracle supplements, fat burners, various exercise machines and programs, all of these things are sought to fight the weight loss battle. For anyone who has experienced this, you know it can be frustrating when you try one method after another, and nothing seems to help much.

Acupuncture can help people lose weight. This traditional Chinese treatment works by restoring balance in the body’s energy flow. Simply inserting fine needles into the skin at precise points helps the body’s energy or “life force” get back in balance and harmony. This effect is the beginning of successful weight loss for those who choose to use acupuncture therapy.

One reason so many people fail to have success losing weight with pills, diets, and so forth is that these methods only address a part of the problem – the symptoms. Acupuncture therapy helps address some of the root causes and aids the weight loss process in ways that more conventional methods do not.

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How Does Acupuncture Weight Loss Work?

acupuncture for weight loss 

There are very large numbers of weight loss products and diets being sold all over, but very few of them are effective in reducing body weight.

As many weight loss enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the weight loss supplements, these days more and more people are taking up alternative medicines like acupuncture for weight loss.

This weight loss treatment involves only the insertion of fine sterile needles at specific energy pathways of the body.(6)

The needles inserted into the specific energy pathways is expected increase the release of endorphins hormones. This hormone makes the person feel relaxed and happy.(7)

Normally the relaxed and stress free person tends to eat much less and the happy mood of the person also promotes healthy metabolism.

One of the ways the acupuncture helps in shedding weight is by elevating a happy and relaxed mood in the patient.

There are several proven studies that support the possibility satisfactory weight loss with help of increased release of endorphins hormones, especially with the acupuncture treatment for the achieving the same.(8,9)

There are also several methods of weight loss possibilities with acupuncture.

Stimulating and regulating the energy pathways related to hunger point, stomach point, shen-men point, etc., have direct effect on metabolism and fat storage.

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