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Amazing Acupuncture Treatment Wakes Up Coma Patients

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Electroacupuncture Treatment Shown Effective in Arousing Coma Patients

A recent study shows that a specific electroacupuncture technique helps to arouse coma patients who have suffered severe brain injuries.

While the history of electroacupuncture isn’t totally clear, it has only in recent times started to come back into use. Some who have studied the history of acupuncture believe that electroacupuncture was first implemented by doctors in France & Italy back in the early 19th century. Still others have drawn the conclusion that Japanese scientists actually discovered the technique while searching for ways to make bone fractures heal more quickly.

Whatever is actually the case, electroacupuncture is coming into its own and is increasingly being used by Chinese medicine practitioners.

Electroacupuncture and traditional acupuncture both work by stimulating the same points on the body. With electroacupuncture, the needles are hooked up to a device which generates electrical pulses. The intensity of the pulses can be regulated depending on the specific condition being treated. This technique utilizes two needles working together. The continuous electrical impulses generated during the process conduct across one needle to the other.

Continue reading below for details about this study that demonstrates how electroacupuncture was shown to help arouse coma patients.

A study last year concluded that acupuncture helps to arouse coma patients with severe brain injuries. Electroacupuncture applied to acupuncture points GV20 (Baihui), which is at the top of the head; and GV26 (Shuigou), which is just below the nose; as well as related acupuncture points, accelerated a return to consciousness for coma patients and promoted neurological recovery.

The acupuncture group was measured against two other groups in a randomized clinical trial. One group received conventional medications and another received naloxone. The third group received electroacupuncture. Arousal rates for the standard medication group were 46.6 percent and 73.33 percent for the naloxone group. The acupuncture group had an 80 percent arousal rate from a coma state.

Treatments were administered for all groups at a rate of once per day for a total of 14 days.

Electroacupuncture treatments lasted 30 minutes per session.

All three groups showed improvement following completion of the treatment regime and at a one month follow-up investigation.

The electroacupuncture group scored higher in the Glasgow Outcome Scale than the naloxone group and conventional medication group. Notably, the naloxone group faired almost as well as the electroacupuncture group.


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