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Acupuncture Shown To Help Resolve Infertility Issues

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How Can Acupuncture Be Used to Effectively Treat Infertility?

The ancient art of inserting tiny, thin, sterile needles into specific body points is showing promise for helping to treat infertility issues. These acupuncture points, residing on channels or meridians, are known to influence how the body functions when stimulated with the needles. While not everything is known about how acupuncture works, there is a sufficient body of scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is said that acupuncture helps in fertility treatment by going after certain conditions that can have a negative effect on fertility. Two such known conditions are hypothyroidism (where the thyroid function is less than optimum) and hypothyroidism (where thyroid function is on overdrive).

Using acupuncture in fertility treatment isn’t new. In fact, it has been used for centuries to treat infertility, often in combination with various herbal medicine remedies. Today, though, this long history isn’t always known and the good news is spreading and getting out in the mainstream medical community now.

In general, the use of acupuncture and/or herbal remedies won’t be effective on such conditions as tubal adhesions, which may occur due to endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Nonetheless, when these conditions are present, the patient may still experience benefit from acupuncture and herbal treatments which can have a positive effect on ovarian and follicular function. As well, using acupuncture can help increase blood flow to the endometrium, which helps to create and maintain a thick, rich, healthy lining.

Acupuncture is commonly used for three to four months before moving to artificial insemination, in vitro (IVF), or donor-egg transfer. This allows time for the benefits to build up and provide the ideal conditions for a significantly improved chance of achieving pregnancy.

In addition to providing help and hope for those seeking assistance with fertility issues, once conception is achieved, acupuncture can provide many additional benefits as well. This can include acupuncture treatment for morning sickness, lower back and pelvic pain, depression, and headaches. All in all, something positive to aid in every phase of the conception and birthing process!

Below is some fascinating information about acupuncture being used in a Connecticut fertility clinic, with positive results. If you enjoy this article, please feel free to share!

For Maria Coplit, the decision to use traditional and laser acupuncture to complement her high-tech fertility treatments seemed a “no brainer,” especially after experiencing the toll of multiple miscarriages while trying to have a second child.

“We decided to empower ourselves as much as possible,” said Coplit, who gave birth to a daughter through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. “Acupuncture helped create a calming environment, even if it was just having a blissful hour to myself where I wasn’t stressing out about the world or raising a toddler at home.”

Coplit, of Westport, is among many women and couples who are turning to the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture to supplement the assisted reproductive technology that helps infertile couples to become parents.

Although proponents concede that acupuncture alone won’t lead to pregnancy in complex fertility cases, they say it is an effective complement to traditional treatment.

“More women and couples are seeking a holistic approach to fertility treatment that takes into account the mind-body connection,” said Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, a reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Associates, which has four offices in Fairfield County. The practice offers advanced fertility options as well as acupuncture, yoga, nutrition guidance and support groups…

Growing scientific evidence shows acupuncture may improve a woman’s chance of conceiving when performed in conjunction with assisted reproductive techniques, including medication, artificial insemination and IVF, which involves the transfer of an embryo to the uterus.

Fertility experts took note of the ancient technique after a 2002 study of 160 women found that adding acupuncture to IVF treatment increased pregnancy rates by 42.5 percent compared with 26.3 percent for those who did not have acupuncture.

The use of laser acupuncture performed before and after embryo transfer during an IVF cycle improved a woman’s chance of implantation by up to 15 percent, according to a 2009 study of 1,000 people by Reproductive Medicine Associates. Laser acupuncture — which uses infrared light energy instead of needles — is gaining popularity in the United States after years of use in Europe.

“The study results are exciting because they provide additional support showing that acupuncture has a direct effect on improving fertility,” said Amy Matton, a licensed acupuncturist with Reproductive Medicine Associates. “Laser acupuncture is a viable alternative for people who may have a fear of needles and haven’t been willing to try acupuncture in the past.”

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