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Acupuncture Proven to Help Clear Skin Conditions

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Acupuncture Not Just For Pain Management – Watch For Dermatology Impact

Acupuncture is widely known and accepted for its role in pain management and certain other conditions. What we haven’t heard that much about, though, is acupuncture’s potential for clearing up skin disorders.

A lot is said about “placebo” effect when talking about acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments. Of course, we can all agree that some placebo effect is real with just about any treatment you take. You just gotta believe, right? Sometime though skeptics believe that ALL positive health results are the placebo effect.

Notice in these studies that the results were specifically measured against placebo acupuncture trials, and the real thing looked really good in these studies. My opinion – as more and more studies are done on the viability of acupuncture, more and more scientific proof  will emerge showing that this ancient art is indeed an effective alternative medical treatment.

Read through this brief excerpt and visit the source noted below for more details!

University of California doctors find acupuncture improves patient outcomes for the treatment of skin disorders including dermatitis, urticaria, chloasma, pruritus, and hyperhidrosis. A total of 17 out of 24 studies demonstrated that “acupuncture showed statistically significant improvements in outcome measurements compared with placebo acupuncture, alternative treatment options, and no intervention.” The doctors conclude that “the findings of this review reveal that acupuncture may improve outcome measures in the treatment of multiple dermatologic conditions, including dermatitis, chloasma, pruritus, urticaria, hyperhidrosis, and facial elasticity.”

Based on the meta-analysis the doctors note, “The results of this review support acupuncture as an alternative therapy in dermatology, with 17 of 24 studies showing statistically significant improvement in outcome measures compared with no intervention or other treatment options.” The doctors add, “acupuncture improved outcome measures statistically significantly more than placebo acupuncture, suggesting possible merit in the traditional theory of acupoints on meridians.”

Doctors from the Department of Dermatology at the University of California, Davis (Sacramento) reviewed 1,225 dermatology related investigations and narrowed the field to 24 studies meeting the inclusion criteria. Only articles written in English were accepted. All studies using electroacupuncture and moxibustion were excluded. Only manual acupuncture studies were allowed. The doctors note, “Our search was also limited to studies published in the English language, which excludes many studies performed in China, where acupuncture is more prevalent and widely studied.”

Source: Healthcare Medicine Institute
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